De coze' hotel would like to be part of your joinfull holiday and enhance your playful living through the hotel design which each room has different design, so what you waiting for? "Let's stay in styles" with us

Superior Type A
spacious room consist 5 unique designs. These room types are quite spacious compare to Type B and also feature bathtub (Room size: 28.5 sq.m.)

Superior Type B
Special rooms with 5 unique designs. These rooms type are featuring a rain shower and spacious balcony where the rooms are facing to the East, therefore, Mountain View can be seen throughout the window. (Room size: 29 sq.m)

De coze' has created an exotic living through elegant room design where each room has their own unique design to enhance your playful style of living as well as your comfort within quality facilities provided (Room size: 40.5 sq.m.)

Spacious room featuring all facilities to comfort you with separate bedroom and Living room. (Room size: 46.5 Sq.m)